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McGregor Medical Family Practice
Infants - Children - Adults

Welcome to our Family Practice  

                                                  Where We Treat You Like Family

On Site Services:

  • X-RAY, EKG, LAB                     Well Child Exams
  • Minor Surgery                          Diabetes Management
  • Stress Tests                            Cholesterol Management
  • Sleep Studies                          Allergies
  • Bone Density                           Child and Adult Immunizations
  • Lung Function                         School and Sports Physicals 
  • PAP Tests                               Cosmetic Dermatology: See NEW SERVICES
  • Hearing and Vision Tests                Botox, Age spot removal
  • and Much, Much, More                    Laser Hair & Vein Removal                                                                                                                                        


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McGregor Medical / George S. Knapp, DO

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